A Fool for Who?


Foolish wishes foolish dreams. People make it harder than it seems. Foolish ambition, foolish thoughts, Girl stop dreaming is what we’ve been taught. Foolish pride, foolish pain, some people should be so ashamed, of the foolish things they say and do just to make you doubt being you.

~Don’t let anyone allow you to doubt yourself.~
~They are foolish you are powerful!~
~Stay confident & unapologetic~
~Selfie Queen~


Defend Yourself

Sometimes you have to fight against the forces that are trying to break you down. Grief, stress, and worry, is battling to tear you apart. And you will have to fight twice as hard to let poise and self-confidence prevail. Keep your composure. Be strong and prosper.

~Selfie Queen

Be Kind & Remember

Your heart is fragile and when its broken it hurts. It may heal over time but it never goes back together perfectly. So be gentle with the hearts of others. We all know how it feels. Empathy is a great quality to have and cultivate. Be kind to each other and love genuinely.

Peace, Blessings, and Prosperity
~Selfie Queen

Not just anybody but somebody

accept yourself

Not everyone will think you are worth it. Not everyone will appreciate you. No everyone will smile when they pass. Not everyone will hold the door open for you as you approach. That doesn’t mean that you can’t smile, laugh at their doubt and hold the door open anyway. You are still somebody and you are still great. Being the better person always pays off in the end. It’s too bad for them that they won’t see the same rewards as you. The better person always prevails in the end.

My Philosophy of Life


★Patience is an asset.

☆Be Kind & be known for your kindness.

★Smile often it makes you feel better.

☆Leadership is within, use your strength to inspire others.

★Learn something new every day.

☆Expect more from yourself.

★Don’t base your decisions on your expectations of others.

☆Love is a battlefield but don’t fight dirty.

★Love hard! You cannot shield your heart.  What hurts will hurt no matter how high you build your wall. So go for it 100% with no regrets.

☆Refine your skills, and put them to use

★Take time to reenergize

☆Self is always important, act like it!

★Family is everything, and doesn’t always have to be based on blood relation. Be good to those that are good to you.

What’s your philosophy?