My Philosophy of Life


★Patience is an asset.

☆Be Kind & be known for your kindness.

★Smile often it makes you feel better.

☆Leadership is within, use your strength to inspire others.

★Learn something new every day.

☆Expect more from yourself.

★Don’t base your decisions on your expectations of others.

☆Love is a battlefield but don’t fight dirty.

★Love hard! You cannot shield your heart.  What hurts will hurt no matter how high you build your wall. So go for it 100% with no regrets.

☆Refine your skills, and put them to use

★Take time to reenergize

☆Self is always important, act like it!

★Family is everything, and doesn’t always have to be based on blood relation. Be good to those that are good to you.

What’s your philosophy?


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