A friend indeed


Sometimes the biggest difference you can make is achieved through the power of friendship.  Having at least one good friendship is one of  life’s most significant accomplishments. If you are blessed to have many you are very accomplished.  A friend by definition is a supporter, one who holds you with high regard. This is a bond as close as any other, they are chosen. Dont be fooled by those disquised as true friends. True friends, will share in your success,  they are there without thought of reward, they stand by you when you are at your highest and lowest.  Being a good friend means “knowing what’s for you is for others”. If you have the gift of a sense of humor, use that clever charm to make your friend laugh when they are down. If you are good cook, invite your friend over for a home cooked meal. If you are a good listener, call your friend just to be that ear they need. Cherish your true friends, uplift them when they need it thank them when it’s least expected. Continue to make lifelong memories together.  Don’t be afraid to make new friends, because it is never too late to be gifted with a true friendship.  The world is full of good people waiting to share their gifts with you. And who knows, they just might be the person you need.

Peace, love, and blessings
♥Selfie Queen



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