Behind the Mask

Behind the Mask

What would you do differently if no one would judge you. How would you dress? How would you speak? Who would you love? What if you were daring for one day and did everything like no one was watching. What if no one would gasp, point, and laugh. Do you think people would treat you differently if you were your real self. We all wear a mask to fit into “normal” society expectations. When you take off your outside world mask you are still the same great person on the inside. But, we are always judged for our reflection and appearance on the outside. I challenge everyone who reads this to spread acceptance and respect for differences. Diversity trainings always teach tolerance. I disagree with tolerance. Just the thought of someone saying they “tolerate” me has a negative feel to it. Instead I say, acceptance and respect is the key! Respect others no matter how they look, who they love, or how they speak. Dare to be accepting, Dare to be flamboyant, Dare to be you.

I dedicate this to the children and adults who are judged, hated, and bullied for being themselves. Love youself. You are perfect just the way you are. Great people come from all walks of life, let no one steal your goodness. Be who you are and say what you feel. Stay strong and stay good♥♡♥!
#selfiequeen #selflove #selfesteem #hatefreezone #judgementfreezone #loveislove


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