Wasted Time


We all know the cliché “Life is short”. If this is the case, what can we do to make more time for happiness. It only takes 24 hours of teaching for a person to learn how to read. If you could eliminate the following things how much time could you save? What could you accomplish in 24 hours?

1. Stop Complaining – I would bet a million dollars someone has it worse. Don’t complain just take action. Complaining doesn’t help you get beyond your issues. It doesn’t fix anything & most of the time it makes you feel horrible.

2. Stop Spending time with Joy Thieves – You could hide your joy in your back pocket & there are still some people who will steal it. Don’t waste your time with Debbie Downer friends in your life. If they can’t be happy for you during milestones & exciting times maybe you have outgrown that friendship. You can’t find happiness with misery surrounding you.

3. Stop Worrying- Try solution based thinking instead of worrying. Worry is like making three left turns. You get nowhere except right back where you started.

4. Stop Gossiping- Most gossip is an exaggeration of the truth or a lie and it almost always ends in hurt feelings. Just be direct with communication & ask questions to the person who has the answers. Then you won’t need to depend on gossip for information.

5. Stop going through life backwards – Are you doing the same thing expecting different results? Are you trusting the untrustworthy? Do you have high expectations for people you already know to be unmotivated? Are you repeating the same mistake that put you in this undesirable place to begin with? That’s backwards.

6. Stop Waiting – Take action! Don’t sit still waiting for something amazing to happen. Keep your goals in sight and continue to move them forward. I know we are all waiting for that winning powerball ticket but just in case you never guess the lucky numbers…build a prosperous life for yourself. It is well within your reach if you want it. And,stop waiting for people to change, either accept them as they are or move on. Sometimes moving on is necessary, don’t waste time in relationships, that are stagnant or full of resentment.


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