Did you lose your keys?


What drives you? Do you own the keys to your ignition? I had to ask myself this very question today.  Sometimes what drives us is directly related to other people, situations, and of course money.  What can we do to get our keys back? We all have the desire to control our own destiny. So why do we let our family, job, and relationships control us? I think we could all increase our satisfaction in life if we let our healthy desires drive us more often.  What is your soul craving?  Focus on you over the next few weeks and do something that feeds your healthy wants without thinking about someone else.  I know at some point we all put the wants and needs of others before our own. It is okay to focus on building yourself up. I am not saying you should neglect your loved ones, your career or life in general.  I am saying stop neglecting yourself. Go get those keys back!

#selfiequeen #destiny #selflove


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